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Instructions for downloading and applying the updates.

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If you would like to view these instructions while actually performing the Update, click on:  File  New  Window as shown below.  You will get another window just like this one.  On that one, click on "Click here to return to the Update Page" and do each step as you read the instructions.

1)    Click on the update you would like to apply, such as on the link shown below.

Update: October 13, 2000           Vol. 18   Num. 12       


2)    This window will now pop up.   Click on "Run this program from its current location" then click on OK.


3) This Download Progress window will come up.  You do not need to do anything, it will run automatically.  If the box in front of "Close this dialog box when download completes" is blank, click inside the box to insert a check-mark.  This can be done while the download is running.


4) This window will now pop up.  Ignore the message about the publisher not being determined.   Click on "Yes" to start the update..


5) This window will give you any special instructions for this particular update.  Click OK to continue.


6) This window will tell you that it is about to unzip (uncompress) the update files.  Click on Unzip to continue.


7) This window will tell you that the files were unzipped successfully.  Click OK to continue.


8) This window will signal the start of the update on your computer.  Press the ENTER key to continue.  The following screens are self explanatory.  If any of them stop, all you need to do is read and follow any special instructions or information.  Most of the time, if anything, you will only be required to press the Enter Key.



9) This window will signal the end of the update on your computer.  Press the ENTER key to continue.


10) Click OK to close this window.


11) Click the X on the top right corner to close the update screen.


12) If you are on a Network, you will need to update the other computer. Repeat this step for each one.
      Open an MS-DOS Prompt window.  Type in MDS-UPDT.  Press enter.  Follow on-screen instructions.


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